Information is power - the power to make the choice that's right for you for your Breast Reduction.

We want to provide the best patient experience - from you just learning if breast reduction is for you, to nuturing you and your loved ones through this journey that will restore your overall well being.

We are dedicated to breast reduction -  it is what we love to do. We provide empowerment through information, and a place where any woman can discover the options available in a supportive, respectful and nurturing environment.

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The emotional weight of larger breasts

Dec 21 2015
Carrying a large emotional weight A 2014 study published in the journal Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery found when compared to normal...

Breast Reduction Insights

Nov 15 2015
Over the past twelve months we have been asking women what it is like to want a breast reduction. What are their concerns, issues and questions....

Can really heavy breasts cause back and neck issues?

Oct 21 2015
Does this sound like you, "As soon as she opened her eyes each morning, Jane Clarke would reach for the bottle of pain-killers on her bedside ...

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