About Breast Reductions

My aim is to provide my patients and referring doctors with the best possible standard of care. Part of that commitment is providing you with the most current, quality information available about conditions that concern you.

The following information has been collated in order to fully inform you about your breast reduction and to arm you with the information to further explore and manage your own health. I hope this information will form the platform for active discussion about your concerns when we meet.


Your breasts are unique. Breast size, shape and characteristics are infinitely variable. Every woman has some difference in the size and shape of her breasts. The characteristics of your breasts change with life events (particularly puberty, pregnancy, breast feeding and menopause) all these events may be marked by changes in size, shape and symmetry differences between your breasts. These changes are normal but can be distressing in situations were changes are excessive or where they lead to obvious asymmetry.

Am I a good candidate for breast reduction?

Large breasts can be a significant source of medical problems. Back pain, neck pain, breathing problems and skin problems may all occur. The weight of breasts can lead to shoulder pain either directly or as a consequence of bra straps cutting into shoulder tissues as the day progresses. Finding appropriate clothing (particularly bathers and bras) can be all but impossible in many instances, which is a social and workplace disadvantage. Active pursuits (sports, swimming, walking, jogging) are often prevented. In some cases breathing difficulties can be exacerbated by overly large breasts. Self esteem can definitely be negatively impacted. A combination of these factors is usually what leads women to enquire about breast reduction surgery. 

About breast reduction

Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) removes fat and glandular tissue from the breasts making them smaller and therefore, lighter. Because the breasts are made smaller the excess skin is also removed. In most cases the nipple and surrounding tissue (the areola) needs to be repositioned and if it is stretched, it is reduced in size in proportion to the new breast size. The goal is to achieve balance; breasts of size and shape in proportion to the rest of your body.

Will breast reduction be right for me?

Most women who decide to have breast reduction surgery are motivated by physical problems rather than cosmetic concerns. Most of these women have large, sagging breasts that cause back and neck pain or other physical symptoms as well as preventing them from participating in preferred activities. Breast reduction is about reducing the weight of your breasts and restoring proportion. When this is achieved the symptoms you are currently experiencing are likely to resolve.

Where possible it is usually better to wait until your breasts are fully developed. In extreme circumstances, where serious symptoms are present breast reduction may be indicated at an earlier age. This is rare.

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