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After Surgery
Q: Do I need a GP referral for a Breast Reduction Consultation?
Q: What guidelines should I follow prior to my procedure?
Q: How long will the procedure last and will I be under anaesthesia?
Q: Will I be given medication after surgery? What tips do you have for me to ease any discomfort?
Q: What is the "real" recovery time after Breast Reduction
Q: Will I have dressings, bandages or stitches after surgery? When will they be removed?
Q: Am I too old to have a breast reduction?
Q: How long of a recovery period can I expect, and what kind of help will I need during my recovery? Are there special instructions for eating, sleeping, or bathing?
Q: Is there any way to minimise scarring from Breast Reduction Surgery?
Q: When can I return to work, resume normal activity, drive and exercise?
Q: How likely is infection after breast reduction?
Q: Will I be able to have mammograms after breast reduction surgery?
Q: Will I be able to breast feed after breast reduction surgery?
Q: Will I have scars?
Q: Are the results permanent, or how long may I expect the results to last?
Q: What would be a reason why I should not consider breast reduction surgery?
Q: What about my general health?
Q: What if I am a smoker?
Q: Do I need to have any tests before breast reduction surgery?
Q: Will you take photos of my breasts?
Q: When will I be admitted to hospital?
Q: When will I go home from hospital?
Q: How much will a breast reduction cost?
Q: Will Medicare cover the cost of breast reduction surgery?
Q: My breasts are very big and droopy, does the reduction include a breast lift?
Q: Am I big enough to justify surgery?
Q: I am dieting to try and lose weight, how much do I need to lose before surgery?
Q: Can't I just have liposuction?
Q: What generally is considered a big enough size to get the surgery done?
Q: What are my alternatives to surgery?
Q: Some of my friends and family say if I lose enough weight my breasts will reduce on their own
Q: What is BMI? (Body Mass Index)
Q: How large is the scarring?
Q: Will the scars disappear or can I have laser treatment afterward to reduce the scarring?
Q: Is there such a thing as a scarless breast reduction?
Q: Do you have to remove my nipple and can you forget to sew it back on?
Q: How long does breast reduction surgery take?
Q: How many breast reductions do you do each year and how many are done in Australia?
Q: Will you remove any fat tissue from around my arm area or the sides of my breasts? Does this cost more?
Q: What is the procedure for the operation? I am scared of the drainage tubes.
Q: What are the risks that can occur during and after surgery?
Q: Do you ever have to do a breast reduction surgery twice?
Q: Can your breasts return to their previous size if you gain weight after surgery?
Q: Can I request a certain size?
Q: Will I lose all sensation around my breasts/nipples?
Q: Will the rashes under my breasts disappear and can you remove the skin tags?
Q: Will I feel lighter on my front? Will I lose my balance?
Q: Will I have a decreased risk of breast cancer after having a reduction?
Q: How painful is the recovery after breast reduction surgery?
Q: How long after the surgery will I be out of action?
Q: Can I wear a seat belt after the surgery?
Q: Do I have to wear a bra after the operation?
Q: How much do you take out?
Q: Can I breast feed after having the surgery?
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