What to expect on your first visit

After your first contact we try to maximise the value you get from us. We like to share as much information as we can before your consultation day. We can email or post this information to you.

Please get back to us for any further information you might need in preparing to come and see us. Other resources.

Consultation Day. If you are not sure how you would like the consult to run this is the way I often find helpful, relaxing and the technique which maximises the value to you.

There is no need for you to disrobe at any stage at your first visit. The first visit is about exchange of information and education.

I will introduce myself and you can tell me the problems / symptoms your breasts are causing for you. I need to understand your concerns so I can suggest the most appropriate individualised advice.

I will run through your health history, significant illnesses; previous surgery and anaesthetics; family history; your breast health; allergies. I will run through your lifestyle requirements, family demands and commitments; career demands; recreation/sport interests/goals which might impact what we plan to do and when we plan to do it.

Next I will explain how the process of breast reduction would work. I run through the whole process in detail. How you and I will decide which procedure is correct for you.

What we would do before a procedure includes (tests, diet, planning childcare, information for time required off work). How the anaesthetic doctor will call you beforehand and go through anaesthetic details.

What will happen on the day of any procedure - who will see you before the procedure, what I will need to do before you go to sleep, what it will be like when you wake up, whether you will decide to stay in hospital or go home the same day. I will describe the recovery process with you in detail and put it in the context of your life.

There are no silly questions. You need to ask all the questions that are important to you. If we have got through everything else and you wish me to examine your breast at the first consultation we can do that.

After your first visit we normally suggest you let all that settle in your mind, talk to your important family members or friends and come back to see us again before you make any commitments. It is really important to us that you fully understand everything before you make any decision about Breast Reduction.

Keep informed