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Introduction to the Breast Reduction Clinic
Why women have breast surgery?  
Will a breast reduction resolve my symptoms?
How satisfied are women who have had breast reduction surgery
Dr Burt on choosing a breast size
More about breast reduction satisfaction after surgery
How many beast reductions are performed in Australia each Year?
What is the difference between a vertical and anchor pattern reduction?
What is the real recovery time post surgery?
How do I reduce breast scarring?
Am I too old for a breast reduction surgery?
Am I too young for a breast reduction?
How likely is an infection post surgery?
Are all vertical breast reductions the same?


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Latest news

What size will I be after breast reduction?

Mar 13 2018
The question "What size will I be after breast reduction?" is clearly one of those questions that is going to be at the top or near th...

The best time of year to have a breast reduction.

Mar 13 2018
I frequently get asked is there a best time of year to have a breast reduction? Some people have the theory that the recovery from the proce...

Rash under your breasts

Jan 18 2018
Do you suffer from a rash under your breasts? You most likely have a condition known as intertrigo. Intertrigo is a skin condition (dermatit...

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