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Breast size and self esteem

It's fascinating to me that small busted women feel more confident with a larger bust when I know that a lot of big busted women feel less confident because they're busty. Why is there such a disconnect between the two? If this research were true for all women then larger breasted women should be overflowing with confidence when in reality some busty women go to extreme measures to hide their shape. We may often hear the story of the girl that was flat chested an all she wanted was to be "normal" so she gets a breast enlargement to make her feel more femine.  Women have to grapple with their body image from the moment they are aware that they are a girl. It is perhaps at puberty that this becomes even more evident where some develop large breasts and others don't.

According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the United States alone had 3,99,440 women going in for breast augmentation or enhancement in 2007. Another 1,53,807 went in for a reduction in their breast size. Those are the numbers in one country for a single year; the global figures are bigger and growing by the day.

Self Esteem

Women with larger breasts commonly report having low self-esteem and a poor body image. The heaviness of them can cause the skin to stretch, resulting in sagging and the enlargement of the areola area (coloured area around the nipple). This can leave women feeling very self-conscious about the size and appearance of their breasts.

Breast reduction surgery has been proven to boost the self-esteem of many women with the majority very satisfied with the end results. Whilst having scars on our bodies can contribute to the feeling of self-consciousness, all efforts are made to minimise them. Despite this however, research confirms that breast reduction surgery is still effective in boosting the self-esteem of many women.

When breasts are too big for your frame this also presents lots of self confidence issues.

It can make you feel self conscious, hard to find clothing and embrassed by your body shape. Women go to great lengths to hide their breasts when they feel this way. High neck tops, layed tops way too big, two sports bras and duct tape, dieting and not getting intimate because of the fear of another person seeing your breasts are all common feelings amougst young women with large breasts.

Having larger breasts can also give women unwanted attention from men.

Women with small chests take for granted the fact that they can walk into a room and be noticed for the clothing that they are wearing or the hairstyle that they sport. When a man shakes their hand, he tends to look in their eyes rather that at their body. This is not generally the case for women with large breasts. Unfortunately, people in general make judgments about a woman's sexual behavior based on the provocativeness of her bod. Although not all, many men will be more than obvious when staring at a large-breasted women's chest during introductions. This can be especially hurtful to self-esteem if there is a large age gap between the man and the woman, such as when a middle-aged man gazes inappropriately at a teenage girl. Such unwanted attention can make a girl or woman feel ashamed of her body. It is often assumed that big breasts give you confidence but it is not always the case.


Women with overly large breasts also face restrictions in life that smaller-breasted women never have to deal with. Many sports are out of the question for the women with DD's or larger. Jogging, tennis, volleyball and horseback riding are all activities that women with large breasts will have trouble with, even in the best-fitting sports bra. Having these limitations is also a major contributor to self-esteem problems over time.The extra weight of oversized breasts makes sport and daily activities a struggle. Not only does it set the pain off, but it makes for a very awkward event for most women. 

Reduces Respiratory Problems

Respiratory problems are extremely common in women with larger breasts. This is due to extra weight of the breasts pushing onto the chest, weight gain or skeletal deformities. Most women that experience breathing problems with larger breasts don't actually realise the two are related, especially if Asthma or other breathing issues are common in the family.Sleeping can be uncomfortable from the weight of the larger breasts and make breathing even more difficult when lying down. As this contributes to the pain caused by larger breasts, it gives women a valid reason to opt for breast reduction surgery.

This distored body image can have terrible effects on self esteem.

So while being barely an A cup might cause issues so does being a DD at 15. While buying a minimizer bra might assist you feeling better the other health issues of neck, back and shoulder ache, rashes and skin tags are still there.Women with large breasts battle stereotypes on a daily basis. They have a harder time choosing clothing that flatters their figures without being overly revealing. Women with large breasts often appear provocative even when dressed conservatively. Clothing sold to the masses tends to be much too small on top for the large-breasted woman, leaving her either wearing an overly tight top, or one that is large enough to fit her breasts but is really to big for her frame. Either way, self-esteem is sure to be affected when you don't feel good about the way that you look.

With the physical and emotional issues that come with women having large breasts from difficulty sleeping, chronic pain and low self-esteem, breast reduction is the answer for many women suffering. If you want to discuss your breasts with us, contact us today.


Dr Jamie BurtAuthor:Dr Jamie Burt
About: Dr Jamie Burt was born and educated in Melbourne, attending the University of Melbourne and graduating with MBBS in 1998. He is a member of the Senior Medical Staff at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, and was Head of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute until 2004. Known for his respectful, informative, and caring approach, Jamie has been caring for women with breast reduction concerns for over 15 years. During this time, one moment stands out as defining what he aims to achieve with The Breast Reduction Clinic.
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