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Did you know breast reduction reduces the risk of breast cancer

Posted by Dr Jamie Burt on 1 August 2018
Did you know breast reduction reduces the risk of breast cancer

The common reasons women consider breast reduction surgery are neck, back and shoulder pain, postural problems, difficulty exercising, rashes or infections under the breast fold and self-esteem issues.

Having said this if you feel you need to consider breast reduction surgery for a combination of the reasons above it is still reassuring to know that if you do proceed to breast reduction you are likely to be reducing your risk of breast cancer.

There a multiple international published studies which confirm this observation.

The reduction in risk is in the region of 25- 50%. The effect seems to be greatest in women over 40 years of age but is observed across all age groups.

I have listed the research papers below if you are interested in reading up further about this. (Ref 1-5).

A further study has been published looking into whether the effect is related to how much breast tissue is removed. It does appear the more tissue that is removed the greater the effect. (6).

So just to summarise. No one is advocating women consider breast reduction to reduce the risk of breast cancer but it is reassuring to know that if you do feel the need to have your breasts reduced for symptoms such as neck, back, shoulder pain, rashes or infections under your breast fold, inability to exercise combined with self esteem or confidence concerns you are at the same time likely to be reducing your risk of breast cancer.

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You would be amazed how even a talk helps.

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