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Physics and breast reduction

In lots of ways when we discuss breast reduction it is all about the weight of your breasts.

It is the weight of your breasts which cause the neck, back, and shoulder pain and therefore if this excess weight is removed then the symptoms can be expected to improve or resolve.

This is why breast reduction has such high satisfaction rates following surgery.

It is very simply that if the person who performs the procedure removes the excess weight from the front of your chest the dragging pain uphill on your shoulders, neck and back is reduced or resolves completely.

Sometimes a woman will ask me why her symptoms of shoulder, neck and back pain have increased over the years.

This can be due to one or several factor all occurring together.

In many women it is simply the size of their breasts have increased (in response to childbirth and breast feeding ,due to weight gain, or sometimes it is not clear why but their breasts have just got bigger). The breasts now weigh more and therefore the physics dictate the breasts drag more on your shoulders and neck.

Sometimes women report that they don't think their breasts have increased in size but they are still experiencing increasing symptoms. In these women the increasing symptoms relate to the increased droopiness (ptsosis) of the breast tissue.

Most women experience some degree of ptsosis (drooping) of the breasts with age as the breast's natural supports (the ligaments and skin) stretch in response to life events (particularly changes associated with puberty, pregnancy, breast feeding and later on menopause). The lower the breasts sit on the chest or beyond the more they drag on your shoulders and neck .So it is not always just the weight which is causing the problems.

As you would be aware most women wishing to discuss breast reduction  have a combination of  a great excess of  breast tissue  and ptosis of moderate to severe degree. It is this combination of factors which usually produce the maximum symptoms.

Finally most women are aware of a minor difference in the size their breasts. In most cases this is not so great as to cause distress but in a minority of women the size difference (asymmetry) is so significant it can produce twisting or alteration in posture which adds to symptoms.

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