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Planning your Breast Reduction

Planning your Breast Reduction

So you made it through Christmas and New Year.

You have toughed it out through another school holidays wearing a t-shirt to the pool with the kids.

Now the kids are back at school it seems even busier (books, school uniforms, homework, new activities, sport training). Was it just a month ago you promised yourself you were going to get to next Christmas without doing something about your breasts?

Let's face it unless you set aside some time to gather the information and think about whether you really want to have a breast reduction the busy flow of life is going to get in the way and it will be Christmas again before you know it.

If you are ever going to access the information you need about breast reduction and make your decision you are going to have to plan this.

One of the main motivations in establishing The Breast Reduction Clinic website was to try and make this a little easier for you and for other women like you.

We hope a lot of the information that is now available to you at any time, day or night,  will be of help when you have time to sit and plan your breast reduction.

Of course it is not quite as simple as that. Once you have read or viewed the information on our site you may want to make an appointment to see us in person and go through your personal needs and questions. Often you need to think this through weeks in advance. When are the kids on holidays next ? When do I have a rostered day off ? When will I have someone to look after the kids so I can go to a consultation without them tagging along.

That is just the consultation! What if you decided to actually have a procedure?

Often the people who manage this most successfully have the habit of planning in reverse.

They plan backwards . They imagine "If I was ever going to do this what time of year can it realistically happen?". They then plan backwards from there.

Their priority might be to protect their privacy, so they already have holidays from work approved for September. They might see this as their window where everyone is already expecting them to be away so they can have their procedure, recover and can be looking "refreshed" without having to tell everyone at work what was going. Alternatively they may know their partner is available in the October holidays to help look after the children so this is the opportunity for them.

Once they have a time frame in mind they can work backwards thinking well if in hope to do this in July I better have a consultation soon so I have all the information I need to make my decision. If the timeframe is October then maybe it can the consult can wait until my next rostered day off.

It is always better to try and give yourself as much time as possible to think about things carefully after a consultation to make sure a breast reduction procedure is really what you want. We always recommend at least 2 consultations as a minimum before you proceed to a procedure some people will have more .Sometimes it is years between the first consultation and a final decision to have surgery.

On our website we have a step by step guide on what to expect at your first consultation.

These days everyone is trying to balance multiply responsibilities and demands on their time. Use our resources to plan your way through to see if this is the correct option for you. We are here to help.

If you would like to book an appointment with Dr Burt to start the process of finding out more about breast reduction, contact Dr Burt's rooms in Malvern, Melbourne.

Dr Jamie BurtAuthor:Dr Jamie Burt
About: Dr Jamie Burt was born and educated in Melbourne, attending the University of Melbourne and graduating with MBBS in 1998. He is a member of the Senior Medical Staff at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, and was Head of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute until 2004. Known for his respectful, informative, and caring approach, Jamie has been caring for women with breast reduction concerns for over 15 years. During this time, one moment stands out as defining what he aims to achieve with The Breast Reduction Clinic.
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