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What Will My Scars Look Like After A Breast Reduction?

What Will My Scars Look Like After A Breast Reduction?

When deciding on a breast reduction technique, it is important to remember that different techniques will leave different scars.

All breast reduction techniques leave scars, however, to what extent partly depends on the specific incision techniques used.

There are two different scar patterns commonly produced:

Shorter Scar technique (Vertical)

This technique consists of two smaller incisions. The method is used for people who experience sagging and want a minimal to moderate reduction in breast size.

The first incision is made around the areola, and the second is from the bottom of the areola to just above the breast fold.

Larger-scar techniques (Anchor)

These involve more incisions and are often used on patients requiring a larger reduction in breast size.

The technique involves three incisions. One between the areola and breast crease, one around the areola and one horizontally along the breast crease.

This technique is most often used for women who desire a large to very large reduction

It is important to understand that in terms of symptomatic relief, the research data suggest these procedures produce the same level of symptom reduction.

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