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Why do women have a breast reduction?

Posted by Dr Jamie Burt on 11 May 2015
Why do women have a breast reduction?

The commonest reasons women have a breast reduction are listed below:

Neck pain 88%
Back pain 82%
Shoulder pain, strap marks 88%
Headaches 64%
Poor posture 86%
Rashes, infections under breasts 47%
Inability to exercise ,exercise intolerance 80%
Humiliation work, socially, buying clothes, exercising, attending commitments with children 88%






As you can see all women who elect to have a breast reduction are motivated by physical symptoms.


Dr Jamie BurtAuthor:Dr Jamie Burt
About: Dr Jamie Burt was born and educated in Melbourne, attending the University of Melbourne and graduating with MBBS in 1998. He is a member of the Senior Medical Staff at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, and was Head of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute until 2004. Known for his respectful, informative, and caring approach, Jamie has been caring for women with breast reduction concerns for over 15 years. During this time, one moment stands out as defining what he aims to achieve with The Breast Reduction Clinic.
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