Your nipples and breast reduction
2 August 2017
What happens to your nipples during and after breast reduction? Quite understandably women have lots of questions about what happens to their nipples during and after breast reduction. The common questions and misunderstandings are listed below: Are my nipples removed during breast reduction? Your nipples remain attached to your breast tissue at all times during a breast reduction. They are never removed. We keep them attached to the breast tissue we are keeping to make you new breast with as part of the procedure. The blood flows through this remaining breast tissue to your nipples to keep them alive.   Will I have numb nipples after breast reduction? Could this numbness be permanent? It is common to have some degree of numbness (pins and needles or lack of sensation) after breast reduction. Sometimes this is the result of any bruising and swelling that is present and as the bruising and swelling resolves over the first few weeks following a proc...
Breast size, Bra design and comfort during exercise
26 June 2017
Many women considering breast reduction have reached the point where they have abandoned exercise due the difficulties their breasts cause during and after exercise. Most women considering breast reduction report as one of their major motivations for considering breast reduction is to get back to more exercise. Research suggests breast size is the fourth ranked reason given for women not being physically active. (After motivation, time constraints, and other health issues). 17% of women reported their breasts as being the reason preventing physical activity Could it be that poor bra design is a contributing factor in the symptoms you experience when trying to exercise? Research suggests 85% of women who choose their own bra without professional fitting are wearing an incorrect sized garment Researchers are actively looking at the features critical to reducing symptoms in bra design. The most commonly reported problems with bra design and exercise is st...
Exercise and Breast Health
25 June 2017
Breast cancer is Australia is unfortunately a common disease. Your lifetime risk of developing breast cancer is around one in eight. We cannot change that fact (at least for the time being) but are there simple things you can do to reduce your risk and exercise is on the top of that list. Did you know there is research to show that lack of physical activity increases your risk of breast cancer? This is independent of whether you are overweight or not. If you are overweight and do not exercise your risk is higher again. Regular physical exercise reduces your risk of getting breast cancer. If we take this a step further - a history of regular physical exercise before a diagnosis of breast cancer reduces your risk of recurrence, progression or a new 2nd cancer in your other breast going forward into the future. More importantly again, if you are unlucky enough to be diagnosed with breast cancer, regular physical exercise after diagnosis has been shown to sig...
The Elephant in the room and the new CSIRO diet book.
1 June 2017
We should get something straight at the start of this conversation. If you have overly large breasts we both know losing weight will not solve the problem. I understand you have already tried that and proven to yourself it doesn't work. If your breasts are too big and causing physical symptoms like neck, back and shoulder pain or rashes or infection in the fold under your breasts, weight loss will not fix this. The reasons you should consider losing weight prior to breast reduction if you are carrying excess weight is: 1. If you are at your ideal or near your body weight at the time of your procedure you will get a much more pleasing outcome (your breasts and whole upper body will look better) 2. If you are at or near your ideal body weight at the time of your procedure you will not have troublesome back fat or lateral chest fat ( which is not actually breast tissue) which will lessen your satisfaction with your outcome or means you have ongoing difficulty...
Nipples and breast reduction
1 June 2017
The major motivation for all women considering breast reduction is reducing the symptoms caused by the excessive weight of their breasts. This is a given but it doesn't mean you will not have other important questions to ask your Plastic Surgeon about the procedure. Today I thought we should deal with the common questions in relation to your nipples and breast reduction surgery procedures.The commonly asked questions I have listed below: Are my nipples removed during the procedure? Your nipples are never removed during a breast reduction procedure they always remain attached to your body via the breast tissue we are keeping during the procedure which is what forms your new breast going forward. Can I have the size of my nipples reduced? Most women considering breast reduction have overly large nipples which are stretched as a result of the excessive weight of their breasts and the stretching of the breast skin. Most women choose to have their nipples r...
Can large breasts make it difficult to breath?
1 May 2017
I was doing a post op consultation yesterday with a lady who had her breast reduction performed 2 weeks ago. As we were talking about how she was feeling she told me one of the unexpected positive effects she had noticed was that she felt it was a whole lot easier to breath. She asked me whether other people had noticed this. This is a more common observation than you may think. There is actually published research demonstrating that having overly large breasts dragging on your chest muscles and ribs actually does increase the work your body has to do to breath in and out.(1.) Once your breasts are reduced and the excess weight of breast tissue is removed the effort required by your chest muscles and diaphragm to draw the breath in and expel it from your lungs is reduced. Not everyone who has a breast reduction will notice the change but you may be surprised how often women notice the difference. To people not dealing with this issue of overly large breasts this m...
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