What is the real recovery after surgery?
5 August 2015
Most woman will be able to do almost any activity after 4 weeks. Some women are able to go back to non physical type jobs at 2 weeks or less. If you work,or can work from home, then you may be able to do some or all of your work earlier.The answer to this question often requires individual guidance based on your personal specific needs. You would be surprised how much individual  thought is required. See this video from Dr Burt around this topic below. You might do an office type  job  but if you have  a 2 year old at home who needs to be lifted up 10 times work might be a small issue for consideration but you might need to consider  whether you need help around home. Alternatively if your children are older or you don't have children but you are a passionate horse rider  again work may be a minor consideration but  who looks after your horse  for you might be something we need to talk through. (I have had at le...
Is there any way to minimise scarring?
1 August 2015
There are lots of ways to minimise scarring.
1.Choice of technique. You can elect a minimal scar technique. These techniques are; a) liposuction alone or b)"vertical " breast reduction techniques.
All these choices are open to you but the key is to understand how appropriate those choices may be for your individual needs. For instance a decision about liposuction is influenced by age (younger women's breast have more dense glandular tissue and are therefore more difficult to reduce with liposuction) and how much drooping of the breasts is present .If you have significant drooping you may need your nipples repositioned upwards as well as the weight of your breast reduced  which may not be able to be achieved by liposuction alone. Everyone is different and you need individual assessment and advice. See this video from Dr Burt around this topic below. 2.Before and after a reduction procedure you will routinely get advice on scar management te...
Am I too old to have a breast reduction
27 July 2015
When is too old to have a breast reduction? There is no hard rule as to when you may be too old to consider breast reduction. Currently it is uncommon for women over 65 years to choose to have a breast reduction. Accepted age limits for all medical treatments are constantly being revised as more and more people are living very long healthy lives. Most people (particularly women) don't seem to realize how long they are going to live.  Currently a female child born in Australia is likely to live to 84 years but more relevantly  a woman who reaches the age of 65 years in Australia is likely to live to be 90 or beyond  (and these figures are getting better  much quicker than the statisticians predict).
The standard approach in assessing any person for any medical procedure in Australia is  no longer age based ( and has not been for a long time now). No one is denied surgery for any problem based purely on their age. So if you are a 68 or 70 ye...
How likely is infection after breast reduction?
24 July 2015

Fortunately significant infection is very rare after breast reduction.

If you were to have a breast reduction procedure you would given intravenous  antibiotics during the procedure. It is very rare to see a significant infection after the procedure . As a guide I have never had to readmit a patient to hospital for infection problems after a breast reduction. Nothing is impossible but it would certainly be a rare occurrence. Fortunately significant infection is very rare after breast reduction.

Too young to have a breast reduction?
20 July 2015
Am I too young to have breast reduction?
On occasion this decision can be one of the hardest decisions a young woman and her family has to make in regards breast reduction.
In the ideal world all women would have the option to defer a decision about breast reduction until well into their adult life (and preferably for most women until they have had the chance to attempt breast feeding if that is their preference). Unfortunately we don't live in the ideal world and in rare instances a young woman and her family feels compelled to consider breast reduction at an early age. See this video from Dr Burt around this topic below. Technically the issues are the same as for breast reduction at any other age. The important issues in considering very young women for breast reduction relate to assessing the potential psychological and social  benefits of a procedure  versus the  potential  psychological and social  negatives which ...
Menopause - What on earth is going on here?
19 June 2015
Most women have been prepared for the hot flushes and mood swings which often accompany menopause but there are a whole lot of other changes which occur around this time which you might not be aware of or understand. Menopausal  women and those approaching menopause  commonly witness weight gain particularly  around the abdomen .This is believed to relate to the decline in oestrogen levels  occurring at the time of menopause.
The exact reason why  weight gain ( particularly around the abdomen) occurs as oestrogen levels decline has not been identified.
This phenomenon can be exacerbated by diet, lack of exercise and  a decline of muscle mass.
So the fundamental issue is a change in the body's metabolism but a whole lot of factors are feeding into  the end result which is weight control issues which hadn't been a problem up until now. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is not  thought to be a cause of weight gain al...
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