If I am overweight can I still have a breast reduction?
29 December 2016
Everything in life is relative. There are very few black and white situations. In the ideal world we would all be perfect . If that was the case of course no one would need a breast reduction. Being overweight is a relative contraindication to ( an important reason to be cautious or to avoid)having breast reduction. If you are a few kilos above your ideal body weight there is no issue at all. If you are significantly overweight then the reasons to defer a decision about having a breast reduction start to mount up. What is significantly overweight? Once you get beyond 10%- 15% over your ideal body weight you would be much better off to delay any proposed breast reduction procedure. There are technical and common sense reasons for this. First the technical reasons. Once you are significantly overweight your risk of having a complication after any procedure increase. Complications like infection , wound healing problems and damage to the blood supply of the n...
Another year gone by?
28 November 2016
At this time of year I always see multiple women to discuss breast reduction surgery. When I enquire as to what compelled them to come so late in the year their response is "I just couldn't let another year go by without doing something about this". Often followed by a comment like "I knew if we got to Christmas and I hadn't made an appointment to see you another year would go by before I did anything about this". Just last week I was talking to a patient and after we had had a long discussion about all the many issues surrounding breast reduction surgery I suggested that she would need to take a few months to think about everything before she made a decision. The lady looked at me quizzically and said "I will go away and think about things but I first asked my mother for a breast reduction when I was thirteen years old!". This lady is now in her mid forties. When I asked why she had waited thirty years to come forward and...
Breast reduction and scars
7 November 2016
All forms of breast reduction will result in some scars on your breasts. The commonly performed breast reduction techniques produce either the Lollipop scar pattern or the  Anchor pattern of scars. The Anchor pattern refers to scars being present around your nipple, vertically below your nipple running to the breast fold and a long scar running in the breast fold from close to the edge of the breast bone to the lateral chest area. This was the universal scar pattern seen from the 1970's until the later 1990's. The lollipop scar pattern refers to having a scar around the nipple and a vertical scar running below the nipple down towards but not quite reaching the breast fold. There is no scar in the breast fold. The reduction techniques which result in the lollipop pattern started to be introduced more commonly from the late 1990's onwards. It is important to understand we are discussing the external pattern of the scars you see on your breasts after...
Is summer a good time to have breast reduction surgery?
13 October 2016
1. A common question we hear at this time of year is "Is summer a good time of year to have breast reduction surgery"? Often women worry out loud that over summer "The skin in the fold under my breasts gets sweaty and I can get rashes, infections and sometimes even bleeding in this area. Surely that can't be a good time to have surgery" Obviously these issues are real concerns and certainly we would not perform a procedure if you had an active infection at the time of surgery but if we have plans in place we can manage the situation prior to surgery so everything is quiet and ready to go on the day of a procedure. 2.Sometimes women that worry the recovery will be more uncomfortable in the summer months. The good news is that you can have a breast reduction procedure performed safely at any time of the year. There is no evidence that the rate of infections or wound healing problems are higher in summer months. You will have a period ...
Summer is coming!
13 October 2016
Given the long, cold winter we experienced this year and stormy weather we have been experiencing in the last few weeks it is hard to believe summer is just around the corner but no doubt the warm weather is not that far away. If you have been struggling with the symptoms overly large breasts can cause for years now, the prospect of battling through another summer can be daunting. Often at this time of year we see women coming in saying "I just can't face another summer with these things. They have got to go". The concerns are no news to you . Physical symptoms of large breasts: The neck aches, back aches, shoulder strain. The tiredness caused by carrying the weight of your breasts around is just magnified when the fatigued generated by hot or worse still humid weather kicks in. While some women struggle with rashes, infections and even bleeding areas in the fold under their breasts at any time of the year for most women thes...
The emotional weight of larger breasts
21 December 2015
Carrying a large emotional weight A 2014 study published in the journal Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery found when compared to normal breasts, teens with different-sized breasts scored lower on emotional well-being and self-esteem, even after researchers adjusted for differences in body weight. This is proven time and time again when I speak with my patients. The physical impact of breasts are often clearly evident for others to see. Sore back, shoulder straps digging into the shoulders and neck pain. However the emotional well being of having larger breasts is often well hidden by women but has a definite toll. Here are some of the comments from those who have taken our breast candidate survey. I can't look at them and they are awful I hate them and I am very self conscience To shop without frustration, run without having to hold on to them, it will boost my confidence. Too big, too heavy, hate buying bras feel people are looking at m...
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