Breast Reduction Insights
15 November 2015
Over the past twelve months we have been asking women what it is like to want a breast reduction. What are their concerns, issues and questions. We are just about to hit 50 responses to this survey. The responses are compelling, sad and inspiring. If you have a issue with your breasts why not take our survey today and see what other women are saying in this special report. Some quotes that moved us: "Since I was young I have always had large breasts and was often teased at school. Even when having children I was told breastfeeding would help reduce my size this was not the case. This has made me self conscious for many years. I often round my shoulders and cross my arms over my chest when standing." "This one is on my mind lately. After carrying my burden of larger than average boobs around for 37 years, having 2 children and breastfeeding for 3 years my boobs are saggy and I can't look at them and they are awful. My nanas 2 x sisters passed from br...
Can really heavy breasts cause back and neck issues?
21 October 2015
Does this sound like you, "As soon as she opened her eyes each morning, Jane Clarke would reach for the bottle of pain-killers on her bedside table. She needed them just to get through the day.Before they took effect, even the most basic tasks, such as walking down the drive to collect her post, caused her shoulders and neck to ache. And even though she topped up her medication every few hours, agonising pain was a constant feature of her life." Read more:  If you have large breasts you don't have to sit in-front of a computer for hours a day to have back pain.Simply the weight of their breasts alone can be enough to cause back pain, sometimes even leading to long-term chronic pain that lasts for months or years.Having very large breasts can place excess weight on the chest. Without enough support from the surrounding muscles and the rest of the body, the weight of the breasts can cause severe pain, make it difficult to maintain good posture, and even lead to...
How a breast reduction changed one women's life
13 October 2015
This article was written on the website but I felt it was such a genuiune story it was worth sharing as so many of you will be able to relate to it. Read Cassie's  full story. (link) "In 2010, when I was 22, I started thinking about having a breast reduction. I had just graduated from the University and had gained a bunch of weight throughout college. My boobs had grown bigger than they already wereand they had always been big. By graduation, though, I was an H cup. Friends had always said how lucky I was: I had big boobs! But I just never felt comfortable. In fact, my breasts hurt. For one, they made it hard for me to work out. Exercise has always been a part of my life; in high school and college, I played sports, but running was really difficult. The bouncing up and downit was like something was pulling on my chest with every step. No sports bras fit. I had to wear a regular bra and two sports bras for anything more rigorous than simply...
Am I too young to have surgery?
14 September 2015
Making the decision to have a breast reduction at any age requires serious consideration, but when you are considering still growing as a teenager it takes on another level of consideration. When Modern Family's 17 year old star Ariel Winter underwent a breast reduction in June of this year, it is likely that younger women with breast issues took notice. The breast reduction surgery took her from a size 32F to a 34D. Ariel has a petite frame 5 foot 1inches and admits to wearing big jumpers to hid her breasts or even strapping them down. After hunching over on set and admits to a lot of back problems. After years of emotional and physical stress Ariel decided this was right for her. If you are young and thinking of a breast reduction make sure you ask a lot of questions before you do and do your research. Check out our FAQs. ...
How to pick your breast surgeon?
29 August 2015
Picking the right surgeon for you and your needs is a very important consideration, it is a life changing decision. Let's look at  the decision based on three criteria: 1. Certification and Qualifications 2. Experience 3. Rapport with you Let's look at these each in turn. 1. Certification and Qualifications - Is your  breast surgeon qualified? In Australia anyone with a medical degree can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon and then carry out cosmetic surgery as long as the patient has given consent. You need to do your homework and ensure that your  breast doctor has the qualification and accreditation to carry out breast reduction surgery.  In Australia this means  being a part of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons with a degree from a college that has a reputation for this area of expertise like The Royal Australian College of Surgeons. Ensure your surgeon has earned a degree from an accredited medical college.Are...
When to buy a new bra?
24 August 2015

One of the first things you might want to do after surgery is go out an buy yourself a new bra. But realistically when will you be able to know what size to buy and wear it?

After surgery you will be in a post op bra which is like a crop top. You will be swollen and tender for a few weeks and it is likely you will need to wait a few months before your breasts are stable and then investigate a new bra waredrobe. Before then it is best only investing an an inexpensive bra and usually something that is comfortable like a sports bra or something without underwire. Most women see the swelling subside within 8-12 weeks.

Just think, you will have plenty of time to shop for your ideal bra post opp but the first couple of months are all about comfort and reducing the swelling with soft stretchy material.


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