What to consider prior to a breast reduction
16 June 2015
With Breast Surgery currently one of the most requested cosmetic surgical procedure, it's important that patients understand exactly what they can expect from it. Cosmetic Surgery is not a decision to be entered into lightly, so it's a wise idea to equip yourself with as much know-how as you can before agreeing to surgery. 1. You will need to do all the pre-tests before having the surgery - mamogram, weight and health checks. 2. You'll need to book at least two weeks off work. With Breast Reduction surgery, you'll need at least 14 days days off work to allow for full and speedy recovery. 3. You can view before you commit to surgery. While we don't show breast reduction outcomes on our website as we feel it is not they way we would like to be treated we do have images that we can show you in the privacy of our surgery to help you decide varying breast size before deciding which how much you would like to reduce yours by. 4. Your goals need to be realisti...
More about patient satisfaction after breast reduction?
14 May 2015
Today we are going to follow on from the last post and further discuss patient satisfaction with breast reduction? In 2012 in the research journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (this is called Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) a research study was published where the results of all the available previously published research studies were combined and analysed. (this is called a meta-analysis). In addition to well documented improvements in musculoskeletal pain (back pain,neck pain, shoulder pain) women  reported  significance improvements in headaches, sleep and breathing. The psychological benefits showed significant improvements is self esteem, sexual function, decreased reported levels of anxiety and depression. Any plastic surgeon will tell you the breast reduction patient are the happiest group of patient is any plastic surgery practice.This is why. If you have any questions please contact us at the Breast Reduction Clini...
Are women satisfied after breast reduction?
13 May 2015
So in the last  two days we have discussed  the symptoms  which motivate  women to  consider breast reduction and whether breast reduction  addresses those symptoms. The next question to answer  is after it is over are women satisfied? Again the answer is - YES Breast reduction has consistently extremely high satisfaction rates. I have listed some  examples below: My practice 97% satisfaction (Internal practice survey,2014) 95%  (Annals of  Plastic Surgery,2012) 94%(Annals of Plastic Surgery ,1992) 97% - symptoms completely resolved or significantly improved (Annals of Plastic Surgery ,2008) (Annals of Plastic Surgery is the name of the publication in which the research results were published and the year of publication)   ...
Will breast reduction resolve my symptoms?
12 May 2015

Once you know what motivates women to have breast reduction the next obvious question is does breast reduction resolve their issues?

The answer is -YES

All the reported research shows significant improvement in all the symptoms  concerning women. These results  have been reproduced in multiple studies which document symptom reduction
  • Resolution of pain
  • Increased exercise tolerance
  • Objectively documented improved posture (xray studies show improved spinal angles)
  • Improved lung function documented (i.e; it is easier to breathe without excessive weight dragging on your chest)
Why do women have a breast reduction?
11 May 2015
The commonest reasons women have a breast reduction are listed below: Neck pain 88% Back pain 82% Shoulder pain, strap marks 88% Headaches 64% Poor posture 86% Rashes, infections under breasts 47% Inability to exercise ,exercise intolerance 80% Humiliation work, socially, buying clothes, exercising, attending commitments with children 88%           As you can see all women who elect to have a breast reduction are motivated by physical symptoms.   ...
A special day to celebrate Mum
10 May 2015
On this Mothers Day, it would be great if every mum could celebrate not only being a mum, but looking and feeling great.  Surely the legacy that mum's can leave their children is it is who you are, not what you look like that is of prime importance.  It would be great if we loved our bodies no matter what the size and shape. The truth is that we all have bits we don't love but when they impact our ability to function in the world confidently, then these feelings can impact our physical and emotional health. We felt this video was worth watching. "I've often thought that if I had a daughter that I would build her esteem such that she'd be a little powerhouse of confidence. The thing is, children are so savvy. They pick up on body language, facial nuances, inflection, and they over hear conversations not meant for their sweet little ears." So this Mothers Day think about the message you are sending and celebrate your differences large an...
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